Behala Nutan Dal

Founded in 1966, Behala Nutan Dal, now a celebrated socio-cultural organization was initially started to unite and inspire young people in the noble cause of social service. The organization registered under Societies Registration Act has now about 150 members all of whom engage themselves in various Social activities mention of which may be enumerated briefly in the following lines :-

Blood donation festivals are organized regularly. In our last camp which was held on 26th January, 2007 about 60 people donated the gift of blood.

Health Check-up camp, eye-testing camps are organized with the assistance of renowned physicians.

On every Wednesday free Medical Camps are operated from our club house in association with Loknath Divine Life Mission where hundreds of patients take advices and free medicine from eminent physicians. Rabindra Jayanti Utsab is organized every year by the club to inculcate ideals and literary works of Rabindranath among common people. With the assistance of Hope Foundation we have been able to donate a modest amount of rupees 12000 to the children of distressed people. We are happy to declare that on and from 15th August, 2007 we would initiate Ambulance Care.

A newer project has been launched this year for the 'Alpana' competition among the ladies with the collaboration of the noted journal "Sambad Pratidin" and ITC Group.

Our autumnal Celebration

In addition to the works of social and cultural service that has made Behala Nutan Dal so endearing to people is its commendable presentation of autumnal festival commonly known as Durga Puja. Since inception we have been arranging autumnal festivals, but fortunately for us Behala Nutan Dal came to an unthinkable lime light in 2006 when Rano Banerjee, the creative - advisor, was kind enough to assist us. Indeed it was a colossus event. From that year we are being showered, so to speak, with the award of prizes for excellence. In 2006 our festival which was christened as ‘Kshepir Chatal’ in which we were awarded nineteen prizes, In 2007 our festival which was christened as ‘Bunor Deul’ received 23 prestigious prizes from leading organisations of Kolkata.

We are now busy with the preparation of the autumnal festival of the year 2008 the details of which will remain presently unexposed except our firm belief of winning an unprecedented appreciation.

our remarkable

  • Star Ananda - Blockbuster Puja Awards
  • Anandabazar Sharod Arghya
  • 24 Ghanta Sharod Aranya
  • Impact Sharod Samman
  • Kolkata TV - Nabaratner Srestho Ratna
  • ETV Vodafone - 2nd Prize
  • M. P. Birla Foundation - 1st Prize
  • EXIDE Ami Srestha
  • Snowcem-Sambad Pratidin Puja Perfect
  • CESC Telegraph 4 Star Award
  • Statesman Sharad Samman 1st Prize
  • Finolex Companion - Sera Puja Award